We've come a long way, baby, but we're not there yet.

Women are trending right now (the rest of the world has finally figured out how amazing we are). There’s nothing more popular than to be a hustlin’ female founder, an innovative intrapreneur, an up and coming college grad. But beyond the hype, what does it really take to grow your business, nurture your career, find balance, and forge lasting relationships?

We aim to answer these questions + more at Women As Change Makers, a one-day summit featuring the region’s best and brightest

Our phenomenal line-up of female speakers have taken the road less traveled, learned valuable lessons along the way, and cultivated success on their own terms. They're ready to share their insights in interactive, energizing sessions, designed to get your creative juices flowing and impart tangible tools that anyone can apply to their business or career.

Time to roll up your sleeves, turn those thinking caps on, and get ready to make real, lasting change. We're going to take your business, career, and personal life to the next level.