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It all started when...

We Are Change Makers started off as Women As Change Makers and has evolved into a more inclusive community that welcomes women, trans women, non-binary, and all co-conspirators. It was born out of a desire to do non-profit fundraising differently and to offer people something mutually beneficial and more engaging than cutting a check.

100% of proceeds from We Are Change Makers will benefit Zawadisha, a social enterprise whose mission is to provide small loans to rural Kenyan women to help finance their livelihoods.

Zawadisha removes the barriers for rural women to access clean energy and water products by eliminating the up-front costs through an in-house financing and distribution program. Zawadisha provides loans for items like solar lamps, rain water tanks, and clean cook stoves, delivers them directly to their villages, and provides after-sale services that include financial literacy and micro-enterprise training.

This isn’t charity, it’s change, and we invite you to join us.


“WACM offers women a vehicle to thrive,” Reno-based Social Entrepreneur, Zawadisha Founder and WACM Organizer and Master of Ceremonies, Jen Gurecki said. “As we evolve as a society we have to realize women are fifty percent of the population, a population worth investing in.”

“I created this event because I want women to be their best – fully skilled and confident,” Gurecki said. “This summit is about allowing local women to learn and grow both personally and professionally in a supportive and safe environment while also helping raise funds for women working toward a better life of their own in Kenya. WACM is a bridge that connects the two communities I call home.”

By attending We Are Change Makers, you are helping to make women’s lives better. No more walking six hours a day to fetch water. No more inhaling the thick black smoke of kerosene lamps. Every ticket sold means more loans can be given to more women to help them live healthier, happier, and more productive lives.