BEING YIN | Melinda Choy, Elevate Wellness Center

Melinda Choy is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and CEO of Elevate Wellness & Acupuncture Center in South Lake Tahoe. Melinda has been a practitioner for over 12 years with a passion for bringing natural medicine and health and healing to the community. She shares her vision in her development of Elevate Wellness Center, a multi-disciplinary holistic family medicine center, where the community can access the talent of various holistic health providers ranging from midwifery to neuro-muscular therapy. Elevate was created to help empower patients through education and lifestyle modification and specific therapies to enhance the power of the body to heal itself and promote balance. Melinda has spent over 15 years in the natural medicine field and is excited to be involved in the ever-evolving system of health care and medicine. She is actively creating a platform for holistic health providers to be more accessible and available to the public.