(RE) DEFINING FAILURE: RUMBLE, RISE, REPEAT | Amber Barnes, Chief Learning Officer, StartHuman

Amber is founder and Chief Learning Officer of StartHuman, a leadership development practice on a mission to re-humanize the workplace. She has over a decade of experience as a leadership coach, trainer, and consultant.  Although Amber has worked with leaders at Intuit, Adobe, Microsoft, and MetLife she now focuses mostly on small to mid-sized organizations.

By helping leaders become more conscious in their approach and impact, she’s committed to making the workplace better for human beings. Supporting with research and overwhelming evidence, Amber advocates that businesses thrive when people thrive.

Before starting her company in 2011, Amber was a trainer, coach, and consultant at Wells Fargo. Prior to that she managed a Wells Fargo branch and was head of HR, operations, and marketing for a chain of funeral homes.

Amber received her bachelors in Education and a master’s degree in Organization Development. In addition to being a certified coach, she’s certified to deliver leadership training from the Ken Blanchard Companies as well as Brené Brown’s Daring Way and Rising Strong methodologies.

A native Nevadan, Amber is passionate about serving the community. She’s the founder and President of the Conscious Capitalism Northern Nevada Chapter.

In her free time, Amber enjoys outdoor adventures, reading, trail running, and yoga. She lives in Reno with her husband, Jason, and their dogs, Guinness and Finn.