PITCH COMPETITION JUDGE | Danielle Rees, Co-Founder Coalition Snow

Danielle Rees is the Co-Founder of Coalition Snow, the only ski and snowboard company by women, for women. (They design skis and snowboards that don't suck.)  Two decades before women were trending in the outdoors, Danielle put her Stanford undergraduate degree to use as a ski and snowboard instructor, whitewater raft guide, and Outward Bound Instructor.


Her parents breathed a sigh of relief when she went back to school to pursue a master’s in public health from UC Berkeley. She worked in health care for 7 years at Planned Parenthood where she derived much joy in securing government funding to expand access to reproductive health services and comprehensive sexuality education during the Bush Administration.


Before starting her company in 2014, she honed many of her business skills as the Executive Director for Girls on the Run-Sierras where she expanded operations from Tahoe to Reno. In her volunteer role as Board Chair she led the executive leadership transition at Adventure Risk Challenge.


An avid skier, mountain biker, and stand up paddleboarder she recently moved from Tahoe to midtown Reno with her husband Zach and dog Chico.