MC & Organizer who promises to deliver a few lively comments and will make sure you have an outstanding experience. 

WACM (ie, me): What is your definition of a change maker?

JG: Someone who believes that service is the rent you pay for life.

WACM: What do you think is the 'secret to success' for taking a bold idea and turning it into reality?

JG: You have to be willing to overcome your fear of failure, your anxiety of not being good enough, and your self consciousness about what people will think. Basically, you get over yourself and you wake up each and every day ready to put the world in the palm of your hand and crush it.

WACM: What is one piece of advice you would like to pass on to young female entrepreneurs or aspiring community leaders trying to start out today?

JG: Find good mentors early. They can help you navigate all of those uncertainties that fuel your fear.

BIO: Jen Gurecki specializes in designing creative approaches to building resilient communities and cultivating female leadership. She also is the co-founder and CEO of Coalition Snow, the world’s first women’s ski and snowboard company. #sisterhoodofshred

She also founded Zawadisha, a social enterprise that provides small loans for clean energy and water products to rural Kenya women through an innovative model that is soundly pro-poor, pro-woman, and pro-environment. #investinwomen

She has a master’s degree from Prescott College and was most recently delivered her first TEDx talk in January 2016.