SESSION: Leave this session inspired to build your brand from one of the boldest female entrepreneurs in Reno.

WACM: We are increasingly seeing more women pushing the boundaries in business and being recognized for their contributions. What do you think is behind this shift in women “leaning in” (if we can borrow from Cheryl Sandberg)?
B: Well I think it goes back to a lot of jobs were tailored to men for frankly manual, physical labor. There is a much wider range of 'carriers' this day and age that men and women are both equally capable of. I also believe marriage is happening later, so women can be in the workplace longer and build a name for themselves.

WACM: What is one piece of advice you would like to pass on to young female entrepreneurs or aspiring community leaders trying to start out today?
B: You have to believe in yourself more than anyone. If you don't believe in your idea, no one else will. A lot of people will doubt you, your faith in your strength and discipline will get you through. Also, other women are not your enemy... they are your partners!  

WACM: Thinking about your career, your community, and your country, what is your vision for the future at these three different scales?
B: As far as career, I hope to bring change to the world through innovative design and problem-solving creations. For community, my vision is to see more connectivity in the urban core, physical connectivity, not digital. Walkability. The feeling of an actual co-working, co-living, and co-existing community. Lastly, for The United States I hope to see us not be so judgmental, to keep innovating with no inhibitions, and through all the growth to stay grounded.

BIO: Brianna Bullentini is an experiential and architectural designer who was born and raised in Reno and recently moved back from New York City where she went to Parsons School of Design and graduated with her Bachelors in Sustainable Architecture. Her latest project is reimagining Reno’s old Post Office and spearheading the underground marketplace called The Basement. Where she also opened Reno’s first cold-pressed juice bar, RAWBRY, which is one of 14 stores in The Basement. Brianna’s journey has led her far from the beaten path. She still stands as the only female all-regional wide-receiver in the state of Nevada from when she played on the boys Varsity football team her senior year at Galena High School. After graduating high school she booked a ticket to Ghana, Africa where she moved for almost a year to coach soccer and live at an orphanage. Once returning back to The States she challenged herself to the greatest design school in the US, which had her packing her bags once again and moving to New York City. There she had the opportunity to work for a leading architecture firm ICRAVE, Michael Jordan, Anthropologie, and a summer internship with Extreme Makeover Home Edition in Los Angeles. ‘Seven years in NYC’ was long enough she said, and is ecstatic to be back in her hometown, Reno where she stated ‘its just the beginning of great things to come!’