SESSION: Jamie will share how take on how creating entrepreneurial ecosystems can benefit communities, not just companies.

WACM: What is your definition of a change maker?
J: Someone that is willing to do the work, not just talk about it.

WACM: We are increasingly seeing more women pushing the boundaries in business and being recognized for their contributions. What do you think is behind this shift in women “leaning in” (if we can borrow from Cheryl Sandberg)?
J: We stand on the shoulders of giants. More and more, young girls are starting to see role models that show them they can be anything. That has a magnifying effect. The more we push those boundaries, the more another woman realizes she can too.

WACM: We’re all pushed and pulled in so many directions, and based on my own personal experience we know how time intensive it can be to prepare for a speaking engagement. Why did you choose to carve time out of your already packed schedule to speak at Women As Change Makers?
J: Women supporting women matters. As a physicist, I am used to being the only woman in a room. WACM is a unique opportunity for me to speak to a room full of amazing women and my hope is that, in the very near futures, being the only woman in the room is an abnormally rare occasion.

BIO: Dr. Jamie Orr is a successful entrepreneur, physicist, and educator with expertise across a wide range of technical fields. She is passionate about helping young companies and students alike to thrive and discover their potential. She is founder & CEO of Tahoe Mountain Lab, South Lake Tahoe's first coworking space and innovation hub and provides workforce development expertise for the California Community Colleges as a regional director for the Energy, Construction, & Utilities sectors, which includes one of the coolest job titles out there, “Deputy Sector Navigator.” Passionate about nature and science from an early age, she received her BS in physics from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Jamie then went on to obtain a M.S. in experimental condensed matter physics studying the fabrication and characterization of magnetic nanostructures followed by a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from UC Davis focusing upon protein folding models associated with amyloid diseases.