SESSION: In his session, he will inspire the audience to embrace business as a vehicle for social and environmental impact.

WACM: What was a defining (or BOLD) moment in your career or career path?
G: When I connected the dots between money and doing well while doing good.

WACM: What is your advice to aspiring community leaders or young entrepreneurs?
G: Stay close to the heart. Partner with people of character. Discover what you need to take care of yourself (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically). It's a long-game so feel free to get "lost" and wander a bit. I felt 'lost' for the bulk of my 20's and early 30's. It wasn't until my mid 30's where I felt the stars begin to align.

WACM: What do you think is the 'secret to success' for taking a bold idea and turning it into reality?
G: There's more good ideas than energy. So I think learning how to be persistent and execute is vital to success.  Moreover, I believe it's easier to execute by working in teams -- helps you lever the group's collective resources and frankly, is more fun. :)

Gino helps mission-driven businesses and asset managers implement investment practices that account for the welfare of people and natural systems, as well as stakeholders, thus achieving full potential for positive impact. Gino applies his combined interest in finance and quality of life to 8 years of experience in impact investment, 10 years in land stewardship and 15 years in community building and public speaking. His commitments and experience drive the success he shares in identifying and assessing unique opportunities for financial returns that build healthier societies, environments, and wealth.