SESSION: Everyone is selling something, whether you are a non-profit, for profit, politician, job seeker, teacher, or parent. In this talk, Alice will reveal how sales leadership plays a crucial role in success.

WACM: We are increasingly seeing more women pushing the boundaries in business and being recognized for their contributions. What do you think is behind this shift in women “leaning in” (if we can borrow from Cheryl Sandberg)?
A: I believe there is more focus on insuring women succeed and when we focus on something it usually improves. I also believe that women are more supportive of each other because they see that in supporting everyone wins.

WACM: What is one piece of advice you would like to pass on to young female entrepreneurs or aspiring community leaders trying to start out today?
A: Take care of yourself. That means be the best you can be. Eat healthy, sleep, exercise, drink plenty of water. Learn and grow daily. Be kind to yourself and others.

WACM: What do you think is the 'secret to success' for taking a bold idea and turning it into reality?
A: Believe you can do it and get help. Surround yourself with smart, innovative people who can propel you to success.

BIO: National sales expert Alice Heiman will turn your team into a selling machine. Although she works with companies nationwide she is a huge advocate for entrepreneurs and startups right here in Nevada. She teaches sales leaders to have a mindset that moves their company to rapid and exponential growth that is profitable and sustainable. She'll move you as she talks about the leadership mindset and give you ideas you can use immediately. Community advocate, instructor for entrepreneurship at UNR, Sales Speaker, Trainer and Coach. Call Alice if you want to improve your sales.